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By Ella Rollins on 11th Jun 2017

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vegan friendly trainers

Etnies range of vegan friendly trainers

It's important to make sure that the clothes you wear haven't resulted in animals suffering. I was thrilled to find that Etnies offer a great vegan collection.

A while back I was looking for some vegan trainers, so my first port of call was to look on Google. I searched for vegan trainers and the first result was from the brand Etnies. I was really surprised so clicked the link to see what they had to offer. I assumed they would just have a couple of pairs of trainers to choose from, but I quickly discovered that they have a wide range of mens, womens and kids in various styles and colours!

I found their prices to be reasonable for a large international brand, and a lot of their trainers are currently reduced. I was sold, and knew I had to get a pair, so I asked my boyfriend for a pair of the Black Scout Womens for my Birthday. When I opened them, the first thing that I noticed is how light they are, which makes it feel like you aren't even wearing shoes! They're extremely comfortable, especially on long walks and I highly recommend boyfriend even got himself a pair!

The only thing worth noting is that they don't do exchanges, so if you need to change them for a bigger size for example, you have to return them and re-order. They don't cover the returns costs which can be quite high if you return them 'signed for' as their returns address is in The Netherlands.

All in all I think it's great that a large, popular brand has created a varied range of vegan trainers for everyone, and hopefully more brands will follow suit!

Here is a link to the Etnies Vegan collection

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