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By Ella Rollins on 25th Jul 2017

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vegan food for camping trip

vegan camping food made easy

My partner and I recently went on a camping trip to Gloucestershire. Here are some of the tasty meals we cooked up!

The idea of camping as a vegan may seem daunting at first, trying to think of meals you can make with minimal cooking equipment. We felt the same way before our first camping trip as vegans, but soon realised that it can be easy - you just need to plan ahead. We documented some of our meals from the trip to hopefully offer you some help and inspiration.


Vegan breakfast whilst camping

Our breakfast was usually the same each day, either beans or spaghetti hoops on toast. Tasty, filling and easy to cook, all you need is a camping toaster and a little gas stove.


Vegan lunch whilst camping

For lunch we either had pasta or some super noodle pots. Okay, so they're not the healthiest option, but for a few days it was fine for us. As we only had enough room to keep our BBQ food cold during our trip, we decided to make our pasta without vegan mince. We used tinned green lentils with a jar of spicy tomato pasta sauce as an alternative. Be sure to check out my 'Healthy Vegan Essentials' blog post to read about some of the benefits lentils have to offer.


Vegan BBQ whilst camping

BBQs - The simple, staple dinner solution. BBQs are easy as a vegan, as the majority of supermarkets offer delicious meat replacement options. This particular campsite had a shop selling ice and a freezer for your ice blocks, so it was quite easy to keep our food chilled. However I appreciate that this isn't always the case, but you can still BBQ! Just take some vegetables such as courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes and even add tofu for some veggie kebabs. You could serve them with some corn on the cob and barbecued Portobello mushrooms.

We took lots of things to snack on during our trip such as nuts, crisps, apples, crackers, bananas and biscuits. We also took some Jamaican Patties that you can find in Asda. They're so delicious and only around 79p each.

Vegan Pattie

For an extra treat, I love to cook bananas on the BBQ. It's really easy - just wrap them in tin foil and pop them on after you have cooked your BBQ food. Be sure to turn them every 5 minutes or so for around 20 minutes. They will be ready when the skin is black and they are nice and soft. When they're done just cut them open and enjoy with a spoon - feel free to add some tasty toppings of your choice.

I hope that these meals have inspired you for your next trip! If you love camping, let us know your go to vegan recipes in the comments.

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