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By Ella Rollins on 1st May 2017

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The cosy club Bournemouth

Tasty vegan options at the cosy club

My boyfriend's family and I recently visited the Cosy Club in Bournemouth for lunch and we were pleased to see that they have a vegan menu with lots of options!

When I discovered that the Cosy Club chain had a vegan menu I was so excited! I love the atmosphere and have visited the Cosy Club in Bournemouth MANY times for drinks with friends. It’s great to also now be able to enjoy a delicious meal, in one of my favourite spots for socialising.

They have a full vegan menu with Brunch, Tapas, Mains, Sides and Dessert options and on my last visit with my boyfriend and his family, I ordered the Falafel, Hummus and Avocado sandwich. It comes in toasted Puccia Bread bun with fries on the side. They also offer the option to switch out the regular fries for sweet potato fries.

My boyfriend ordered the Thai burger, which of course I had to try. So when he popped to the restrooms, I sneaked a quick bite. It was full of flavour and was the perfect texture, and it was topped with roasted red pepper.

We have since enjoyed many of the vegan options on the menu and haven’t been disappointed. The service is always excellent and the staff are really friendly and helpful. Possibly one of my favourite things about the Cosy Club is their choice of games for you to play while relaxing, including Monopoly, Jenga, and Scrabble.

Have you visited any of the Cosy Club restaurants? If so let us know what food you've tried!

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